Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playtime in the New Fenced Yard!

Yep. Josie and I are lovin' the yard. I like having play dates. So many babes! I'm, like, the only guy dog on this whole street. Life rocks!

Bunsen Meets Josie

OK, Selinsgrove might not be so bad. I just met this hottie poodle, Josie. That's what I'm talkin' about. She likes to romp and I'm lovin' it (see our NEW fence? YEP!). She's a lot bigger than Buttons. I might be in love.

Why Josie?
  1. She's a standard poodle. Look at her. One hot mamma. Purebreed puppy.
  2. I like her paw-paws.
  3. She likes to bark at me. I kind of like that.
  4. We play in my NEW a fence and it ROCKS.
  5. I can call her Jojo. I think. Haven't asked yet. Hope so.
  6. She lives in my neighborhood in Selinsgrove.
  7. She lives a couple of streets over--close but not too close.
  8. She's an older woman...but not as old as Chow.
  9. Her ears are fluffy. I can picture them flowing in the breeze of a convertible as we race down the road by the river on a sunny day. Gotta get me a convertible. And a driver.
  10. She's got lots of dogger friends--good social capital.