Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time with the Fam.

Yep. Sister dogs are lovin' it. Daddy's lovin' it. We rock Vermont.

Bunsen's Luxury Suite

I stayed at the Phineas Swann in Vermont. Yep, still talkin' about Vermont. I missed Buttons, though. Got a free bone. Score!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunsen at Church

I can't believe it--I had to go to church. I mean, at first, I felt I was forced to go and I resented it. But then I realized I had some things...some personal stuff I had to deal with and it was time. So the girls and I sat right up front and center--at the Dog Chapel in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. (Yup. STILL in Vermont. HEH!) I felt really good in there. At peace. I came out of there with a new leash on life, as you can see below. We walked by the dogs walking their human statues. It was a life changing experience. I hope we go there again and again. Dog Chapel ROCKS. I really don't have a problem with going to church anymore.

Bunsen vacations in Vermont.

I've been gone for a while. But now I'm refreshed and rarin' to go. I took the family to Vermont for a vacation and it was rockin'! Here I survey the area on a trail near Montgomery Center. Yup. That's really me. In Vermont. Stuff it, CC! I'm in VERMONT, for chow sake. I got to do some hunting in this old hunting blind--see below. Yep. Hunting for b--ches, that is. HEH HEH. No, but seriously, we looked and looked for moose (to shoot some digital frames, if you catch my meaning), but THERE ARE NO MOOSE IN VERMONT. By the way, it's official: BUNSEN HATES MOOSE. They almost wrecked the whole deal in Vermont. But I got over it. I enjoyed the beautiful country up there (but it was a stinky place--geez, cows, get a life!).