Friday, May 7, 2010

Bunsen's New Dreamgirl: Diva

I'm in love. Again. Another neighbor babe. Why Diva?

  1. She's purebred. Like it.
  2. Bunsen likes to do the unexpected. Who would have thunk Diva and me?
  3. Her wiggle-butt. Like it. Uh-huh.
  4. Her frisky dance. So cute.
  5. Likes naps. Uh-huh. Can relate to that.
  6. I'm taller. Makes me feel good. Maltilda is Amazonian-dog.
  7. Lives three doors down so Maltida won't know.
  8. Cutest little tail.
  9. Likes to play ball-ball.
  10. I can run faster.

Diva likes Ball-ball.