Friday, April 24, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Too Many Chaperones!

I went on a date with Buttons this weekend. But we weren't alone. It seems everyone had to tag along--guardians, sister dogs, neighbors. There were too many chaperones. But Buttons loves the paparazzi as she shows in this video. What's with that?

See? My sister Audrey plays chaperone by squeezing between us in the above photo. She's a brat. I mean, COME ON. Buttons and I are on a DATE, for pity's sake. Thankfully, Audrey soon finds something to sniff on the road and leaves us alone for the moment:

Friday, April 10, 2009

My New Main Squeeze, Buttons

Yep. I've found true love. Again. Why Buttons?
  1. Buttons lives in my neighborhood. We can go walkies together.
  2. She's cute and compact.
  3. She's a babe. Just look at her.
  4. She's a younger woman. No more of this old dog stuff...CC was too old for me.
  5. She likes to get frisky. We can play around. Especially on walks.
  6. She doesn't like sleepies as much as CC.
  7. I like her long, flowing blond hair.
  8. She trusts me. Look at the way she grabbed my paw. I like doggers who hold paws.
  9. She is discrete. She won't blab around to the neighbordogs about me.
  10. Her guardian, Jean, gives me treat-treats.

See, she reached for my paw. Awwwwhhhhh.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bunsen Considers Blossoms

I guess this is cool. Can we go now?

Cherry Blossom Bunsen!

Here's Daddy and me down at the Tidal Basin. Get the picture already! Let's go. Geesh!! I like cherry blossoms about as much as anydog. I mean, they're pretty and all, but what's with these crowds down here? And do they really need all of those port-a-potties? Yeech. They really stink up the picture, if you know what I mean.

A dog can't sniff in peace! I was mobbed by little kids everywhere I went. Everyone wants to pet the nice doggie. Give me some room, people! D.C. is crazy--people, people, people. I was glad to get back to Gaithersburg, the suburb of freedom.