Monday, October 26, 2009

Trick for Treat?

Does this costume make me look fat? I kinda wanted the tutu, but I guess it was Audrey's costume. I like the taste of pumpkin--from the can. I didn't know it didn't come from a can--you know--to begin with. I felt really stupid when I found out...Audrey and Sophie laughed at me. I don't think Sophie's an angel. Everyone thinks she's so cute. Nope! She has a dark side. She's a bad seed. Yeah. Like watermelon seeds. You gotta spit her out. But there's seedless watermelon now. I like it. It costs more, though. I guess I'm seedless...heh heh. Got a few snip snips. Don't really know what that means.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bunsen's Dream

Sometimes I have dreams...really good ones, too. I dream that I catch Frisbee--just like Audrey! And I play with Matilda, the neighbor dog. Daddy joins in the fun in my dreams. It's a beautiful vision. I wish I could do so many things. Audrey, my sister dog, is so smart and fast--and even though she's old, SHE can catch Frisbee. Hmmmph. I guess that's why I like dreaming--it's not reality, but better. I like sleepies.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Front Page Pooch

Yep! I'm a famous dog. I'll give you a paw-print autograph. I made the front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer. ...Sorta. Front page of the local news section...and...WHAT?! I can't believe it... it's not my good side. See? That's my back--I'm the dog. Here's my good side, though I look kinda sad:

Here's the online version of the same pic:

Go to:
to read the whole story. I'm diggin' Dog Days, yes siree! Too bad it's over. Got lots of treats! And this blog was mentioned in the article. I'm sure to get a lot of pen-pal dog babes.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bunsen TAKES the Brick

The Dog Brick, the toy made by that Nina Ottosson lady, is the BEST. I love it. Watch me go. Yep. I'm one smart dog. I ROCK. Mommy and Daddy rock for getting me this toy. I LOVE the Brick. Bunsen + Brick = Smart. No, wait. I mean...I'm smart. I take the Brick.