Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bunsen's Bad Blind Date

What a crazy week.  First, Mommy and Daddy tell me I might be getting a new playmate.  Then, I'm taken to some backwoods place I've never been and the flashbacks start all over again from back when my first people dumped me on the side of a dirt road in Colorado.

Turns out, I wasn't being dumped but I was on a blind date.  Mommy and Daddy were going to adopt this mean dogger who doesn't even like Bunsens!  I even tried to do a play bow, but she wasn't liking it.  NOT.  ONE.  BIT.  No siree.
Our introduction.  I try to make nice.

I don't think that's a play bow.

Mommy and Daddy came to their senses and took me home.  I mean, I was a perfect gentleman, but look!  She was mean!

They told me she's had a hard life and I should keep her identity private, so I won't publish it here on my blog.  But, boy, I hope Mommy and Daddy appreciate me now!  I'm a mellow dogger and I ROCK!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bunsen Blogs!

I type fast! See, I write my own blog. ALL by myself. Yes siree. It was hard to learn with my big paw paws. But I have a lot of feelings and stuff. Gotta get 'em off my chest. My shrink says blogging is good for me. She costs me about 25 biscuits and change per half hour. I just hope that this blog doesn't hurt me in a job interview--like that binge drinking pic. I might have to delete that one.

Action Bunsen

I like to walk with Ball ball. Here's an action shot on one of our daily walks. I can't leave behind my Ball ball!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Trail Bunsen

I'm a trail Dogger! I know how to hike the really rugged trails. Here, I walk my human named Todd and he walks my sister dog, bratty Audrey, last Sunday. We went to this portion of the Appalachian Trail in Maryland somewhere. It was snowy. Snow rocks! I miss CC, though. That's another reason I love CC--she lives in snowy State College, Penn.