Bunsen's Photo Workspace

Cropping Side-by-sides:

Here is the original picture that I took during a video shoot in the Fundamentals of TV Production class, spring, 2010.

Here is the first cropped version:  the happy couple by themselves.  This might be a good crop if a blog post were about one of them or the pair of them, for instance.

Here's the second cropped version:  the crew.  This might be a good crop if a story or post were about a film shoot or about the voyeuristic aspects of filmmaking.;


Don't forget to dodge, burn, and sharpen photos as well for YOUR workspace page!


Subject Replacement Challenge:
Original pic of Matilda and Bunsen.
A pic of a different dog (found at http://dogs.about.com/od/dogtraining/a/play-bow-dog-body-language.htm).

Matilda is replaced by a new friend.  Notice, though, if you look carefully, the Photoshop isn't done very well (or, at the very least, weren't fully completed:  notice the light and dark and the background grass).  The clone stamp and magnetic lasso tools were used for this replacement.