Monday, November 22, 2010

Lion Whisperer Bunsen?

My new web-pen-pal Maxdog knows lion whisperer people--see the pic below from his site? This made me realize--I can be a big-cat-whisperer, too. See that HUGE neighbor cat out the window? It thinks it OWNS our yard. I'm keeping an eye on that cat. And it really is HUGE. This picture doesn't do it justice. I think it's probably just a little smaller than that lion in the below pic from Maxdog's site. Anyway, I know I can wrestle it if I need to. When I'm in my backyard fence, I feel pretty tough. I could wrestle-eh--WHISPER that lion--big cat. Yessiree. Thanks, Max!

"I'm not afraid of the big, bad cat. I'm not afraid of the big, bad cat. I'm not afraid..."
WAIT A MINUTE... that's Daddy with that cat. WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Don't like it! Don't like it at all....

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad Day for Bunsen

Sooooooooo sad. Bad day for Bunsen. I think Mommy and Daddy are replacing me with a cat. Don't they love me anymore? I see Daddy playing with Sesame the cat and now this. Every time I look out the window, there it is. That cat taunts me. It runs free while I'm in here. HATE HATE HATE THE CAT.



Don't know when I can get the cat, now that I'm grounded.



I don't like cats. Never did.

When will the pain end? When will all cats be outlawed and sent to their own country--surrounded by high mountains and jagged cliffs?

Why can't I live in a world of only nice doggers and happy, naive people who give me their credit card info? WHY WHY WHY?

Mommy helped Rita make her cat video. I dunno about that Sesame. First Daddy, and now Mommy? Wait, Daddy is IN that video. And THAT'S MATILDA. Don't exploit Matilda, people. Not for a cat.